Marco Piu is born in Sassari (Sardinia, Italy), 27 June 1983.
He grew up in a family full of musicians and he always liked to sing, but he really had a different attitude.
He always wanted something louder and heavier than pop music.
He had few chances to listen to Heavy Metal before he was 12, until he finally borrowed a couple of albums from one of his schoolmates, which changed his life completely: Powerslave (Iron Maiden) and Walls of Jericho (Helloween).
He became hungry of Metal music so he started listening to it as much as possible. He was completely amazed by Ronnie James Dio, Rob Halford and Bruce Dickinson, so he started singing their songs, reading their lyrics and then practicing alone.

Since then, Marco literally spent years of his life listening to Heavy Metal, playing Dungeons & Dragons and studying Information Technology, until he felt the hunger to have a band to play with.
He started in 1999 with some of his schoolmates, but the first concrete project was called Havokry (2004) which lately led to his current band Negacy.

In 2006 he joined Memento Waltz to initially record some tracks, but the potential he saw in the trio Maciocco-Poier-Deiana brought him in completely, letting him to release the demo “Brain Journey”, the EP “Antithesis of Time” and the Full Lenght “Division by Zero”sala22 (2)


“I had the chance to understand what can happen when you play with the same musicians since you’re a boy. But Gabriele, Livio and Giuseppe are not only this, they are like brothers, they are one sole mind”