Memento Waltz born in 1994 in Tempio Pausania (Sardinia, Italy), when Gabriele Maciocco decided to form a Heavy Metal band with Livio Poier (Guitar) and Giuseppe Deiana (Bass), later followed by Tore Mureddu (Vocals) and Antonio Mureddu (Guitar).1996 memento waltz (2)
The early years of the band were mainly spent into their studio and on local gigs. Antonio Mureddu left in 1997.
The first recording of the band has been released in 1999, an EP called “Moon’s Valley” followed by a
second demo recorded in 2002, “Paralleles Minds”.

In 2005, Memento Walts entered into a professional studio for the first time, to give birth to the first official EP, “Overcoming”, the band’s first so-called “Progressive Metal” album.
The desire to improve as musicians opened new scenarios to the band, which started increasing its popularity in Italy and Europe.

The real turning point came in 2006 when Marco Piu replaced Tore Mureddu, immediately bringing his very powerful and dynamic voice.
MEMENTO 2012 3
In 2008 the band decided to record new material with Marco, releasing  the demo “Brain Journey” and then a new EP called “Antithesis of Time”, completely auto produced and released in October 2010.
Antithesis of Time increased the popularity of the band
, especially through Myspace.
In 2011 the band has been invited to perform at the ProgPower Europe 2011 with
bands like Symphony X  and Redemption.

2011 was a very important moment as the band was in a very great shape.
Driven by the great response achieved in the Netherlands, Memento Waltz intensely and carefully started composing new songs.
“Division by Zero” has been recorded into the Memento Waltz’s studio and produced by Andrea Giribaldi (Negacy) in 2013. The friend Matt Johnsen (guitar player in the band Pharaoh) recorded guitar solos on Omicron and Mechdreammer. The band sold many copies of Division by Zero in Germany, North Europe and United States, thanks to the extraordinary reviews.
The need to reach a bigger audience brought the band to sign with the italian label Jolly Roger Records for the albums “Antithesis of Time” and “Division by Zero”, which will be released again on the October 2015 and widely distribuited all over the world.