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October 23, 2010


Antithesis of Time

  • 01 - Through the Spiral Rise
  • 02 - Cosmic Illusion
  • 03 - Cyclonic Vision
  • 04 - Albert the Visitor
  • 05 - Antithesis of Time

Produced, mixed and mastered by Memento Waltz
at the Memento Waltz Studio, Tempio Pausania, IT

All songs arranged by Gabriele Maciocco, Livio Poier and Giuseppe Deiana
Lyrics by Marco Piu

Marco Piu : Vocals
Livio Poier : Guitars
Giuseppe Deiana : Bass
Gabriele Maciocco : Drums

Artwork by Tiziana Federica Ruiu

Memento Waltz logo by Tiziana Federica Ruiu

Album reissued in October 2015 by Jolly Roger Records
Remastered by Dany at the JDN Studio